Stratehike “Through Hell”


Have you ever heard an alpine trail with the catchy name “Through Hell”? Our annual “Stratehike” took place this year close to the picturesque Schladming in Styria. The WMF members organized a warm gathering in order to discuss our projects for next year, welcome our new member, Cornelia Ninaus, provide support to the current activities and of course have fun. The trail we decided to follow did not seem very appealing from a first glance (no wonder the catchy name) especially for those that suffer from any kind of “acrophobia”, but reaching the top was worth every heartbeat. The beauty of the landscape and the tranquility of the environment inspired us in many different directions and not only had we made significant progress on our current projects, but new promising projects emerged. We developed a shared understanding regarding our structure of the upcoming group teaching in Danube Krems University, strengthened our focus on the PhD support with dedicated meetings for presentation and feedback, discussed and planned our future events (Christmas feast and spring Stratehike) and assigned new tasks and responsibilities among the members. The future projects will be announced soon and hopefully create positive anticipation for celebrating our 20-year anniversary next year. If you are interested in checking our adventures have a look at our library.

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Lecture about Disassembling Digital Communication @ Danube University Krems


Dissassembling digital communication has become the latest skill of the students during the lecture at the Danube University Krems. Students learned to connect knowledge activities and psychological theories to facilitate digital communication, and ultimately build intuitive, easy to use tools. With the solid practical experience of the keen students, the lecture was highly interactive, and the newly acquired theoretical knowledge was translated into fruitful discussions of how to apply theories in the field. Be it standard collaborative tools such as google docs, highly specialized tools such as bits and pieces, or tools that make use of the wisdom of the crowd, such as social tagging systems – Sebastian Dennerlein and Stefan Schweiger of the WMF had everything covered.