PhD Cooperation Event – a success

For the fourth time, the Wissensmanagement Forum Graz hosted the PhD Cooperation Event at the i-KNOW conference, 14th International Conference on Knowledge Technologies and Data-driven Business. This year, the conference was held together with EC-TEL, the 9th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning.  The event brought a  truely international community together, with about twenty PhD students from Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Germany, Portugal, Croatia and Austria. The  session’s aim was to provide a complementary offer to the doctoral consortium of the EC-TEL with providing an informal get together of PhD students in an friendly atmosphere to discuss PhD related issues (you, maybe, would not dare to ask your supervisor) and to exchange experiences.
From start to end, the PhD Cooperation Event was again very successful! All the participants actively contributed for this success, raising questions and looking for solutions together. The session was kicked off by a motivating keynote by Peter Kraker, PhD, a former core team member of the Wissensmanagement Forum, who finished his PhD recently. He introduced the session with a short, but very entertaining presentation about the struggles to find a topic for one’s PhD. This keynote gave a nice introduction into further discussions and triggered further topics. Besides, Peter shared a lot of his own experiences whenever he was able to assist, and added a lot of value for all the participants.
In an open discussion following a Barcamp-style introduction round, the following questions were tackled:

  • how to manage the writing process?
  • how to find a research community?
  • how to find a co-supervisor?
  • how to acquire study participants?
  • how to not get distracted and focus on a main branch?
  • how to coordinate different opinions about the further progress of your PhD with your supervisor?
  • how to manage time efficiently?

At the end of our session,  a lot of know-how about how to manage the process of a PhD was informally shared between the colleagues.
This event took place as part of the workshops schedule, before the actual start of the two joint conferences, which also worked out well since almost all the PhD students of the conference had the chance to meet community members from the very beginning. This supported opportunities for exchanging further ideas on the following two days, and the participants could discuss about more specific questions and also future collaborations. In the same lines, we decided to continue the PhD Cooperation Event Community in the Etherpad, hwihc was started the last year. The idea was that all interested participants of the event can add there name into the Etherpad and afterwards, everyone can conteact the group to ask questions that pop up during the year. Interesting book suggestions, tools or recommendations for the process of a PhD are gathered ther in addition.

PhD Cooperation Event 2014

PhD Cooperation Event 2014

Etherpad with contacts, results & community : https://pad.okfn.org/p/phd-coop-2013
Conference websites: http://i-know.tugraz.at/ and http://www.ec-tel.eu
General information: http://i-know.tugraz.at/phd-event
Link to Peter Kraker’s keynote Prezi slides: http://prezi.com/kgcx-iinptzb/how-i-chose-the-title-of-my-dissertation/
Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/49520289@N04/sets/72157646473868794/

WMF auf der I-KNOW Graz aktiv

Wie schon in den vergangenen Jahren ist das Wissensmanagement Forum Graz auf der I-Know 2014 aktiv, der 14th International Conference on Knowledge Technologies and Data-driven Business, die heuer erstmals zusammen mit der EC-TEL, der European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, stattfindet.

Das WMF veranstaltet den wm-forum.org/event/phd-cooperation-event-i-knowec-tel-2014/ und bietet dadurch ein betont informelles Forum für PhD StudentInnen, um sich über verschiedenste Aspekte des Dissertationsprozesses auszutauschen.

Im vergangenen Jahr hat das WMF ein Paper mit einer Studie über das Barcamp Graz eingereicht. Die Ergebnisse wurden von Sebastian Dennerlein und Robert Gutounig präsentiert.


PhD Cooperation Event 2014

Etherpad zur Sammlung von Notizen, Infos und Kontakten zum PhD Coop Event

WMF Paper in der ACM DL


Vorab Blogpost


Assessing Barcamps: Incentives for Participation in Ad-Hoc Conferences and the Role of Social Media from Robert Gutounig


Rene Kaiser präsentiert das Poster zum Paper

Wissensmanagement Impulse

BarCamps als Methode des Wissenstransfers – III: Ideen & Vorschläge zur Umsetzung

Das BarCampGraz 2010 war aus Sicht der Beteiligten ein großer Erfolg. Auch von 7.-8. Mai 2011 wird das BarCamp Graz mit vier Themenschwerpunkten (Wissen, Politik, mobile Anwendungen und Design) einen Beitrag zur Öffnung, Vernetzung und Demokratisierung des Wissensaustausches liefern. Wir wollen hier nochmals den Blick auf ein paar grundlegende Aspekte werfen, die es uns ermöglichen das Funktionieren oder Nicht-Funktionieren offenen Wissenstransfers zu verstehen.

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